Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Pitch Black 'Invisible Chatter'

Artist: Pitch Black

Title: Invisible Chatter

Label: Dubmission Records

Released: 8th July

Pitch Black return after a hiatus with their respective projects playing an intimate gig at Oslo in London on the 7th of July with DJ support from Radioactive Man dub set.


This is shortly followed by an appearance on the Tree House stage at Noisily Festival


This single a pre-cursor to their forthcoming new album features the vocals of Alison Evelyn and explores dual themes of invisible data and the earth raging against our use of the planet. There's a touch of an aboriginal feel that reverbs off the distinctive electro-dub flavours and to for me the vocal has somewhat of an early 90's feel to it (perhaps more of the latter subject matter) all in all it's not a bad track but hasn't really gripped me instantly like some of their previous material. Re-mixes of the single are provided by Canadian psy-dub producer Kaminanda who keeps the pace of the original and applies subtle touches rather than making major changes. While Digital Playground a new electronica act on the Kiwi music scene who begin in a dubby fashion before taking the piece off into a drum & bass direction.

Although I've got really into the recent releases of their solo projects I'm not totally sold on this. However, that said maybe fond memories are clouding my judgement it could well be a grower and I'm going to keep an open mind about the new album.

Reviewed by Woodzee




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