Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mystic Lounge 'Magical Dream' Review


Mystic Lounge


Magical Dream


27th November

Mystic Lounge is a collaboration between Berlin based producer Mystic Crock and the UK based dj Liquid Lounge that came to life after a guest appearance by Mystic Crock on Boxfrequency.fm's Chill Out Sessions and 'Magical Dream' is the result.

It commences with a slightly bleak and industrial feel but almost immediately this is joined by a choral voice that stretches over the piece. Shortly after chimes, bells and other ambient pads are added to the mix and the groove begins to bubble slowly to the surface, dropping in and out in appropriate places. Add a few guitar licks, bells and other fx and the overall mood is achieved.

Personally, I found this piece strangely alluring the more I listened and could well see it being a grower given half a chance. I'd certainly be interested in seeing what other material this project unfolds in the future.

Magical Dream is available on Bandcamp only from the 27th of November.


Liquid Lounge -

Mystic Crock -

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Track credits -
Written and Produced by Liquid Lounge and Mystic Crock
Mastered by Mystic Crock
Cover artwork by Cat Savery - http://catsaveryartist.wix.com/innersensedart

A short preview is available here

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