Friday, 27 March 2015

Sun:Monx 'Into The Trees' Review

Artist: Sun:Monx

Title: Into The Trees E.P.

Label: Interchill

Released: 23rd March

Melbourne based duo the Sun:Monx (a collaboration between Austero & Opiou) return with more of their guitar laden, glitchy dub and funk sound two years after their debut album 'Power Salad'. With four new tracks to whet your appetite for a new album in the pipeline.

The e.p. starts with 'Rotney Stem Cell' a smooth slinky guitar piece, which would easily slot easily into any funk set and groove a dance floor, with a subtle but effective additional glitch to twist your hips to.

'Lo Keys' squelches the bass deep and low while funky horns spring into action, add a little husky 'Yeah' sample and smooth guitar breakdowns and it's another winner.

The bass riff undercurrent of 'Into The Trees' sounds familiar and works wonderfully with the lush guitar licks before the dub reggae switch and smooth sax … all thrillers and no fillers so far.

The final track 'Run' is more of an outro but as outro's go it's a lovely melodic downtempo gem with contrasting guitar that really deserves an extension.

To summarise this is a well produced fusion of sun soaked dub and funk with a touch of glitch that really hits the spot for me. I'd even go as far to say glitch-haters might re-consider when they hear the Sun:Monx sound.

Reviewed by Woodzee.


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