Monday, 8 December 2014

Deep Fried Dub 'Stir Fried E.P.' Review

Artist: Deep Fried Dub

Title: Stir Fried E.P.

Label: Dubmission

Digital ... 11th November
CD ... 15th December

A year after the release of their album 'Slow Cooked' the duo from down under have finally announced the release of the re-mixes from that album on Dubmission Records.

The starter for this five course meal is Mislead Convoy's Luminosity re-mix of 'Shine' which takes the track down the darker corridors of dub and although there are slightly different themes within the track, for me it loses the soul and vibrancy of the original.

The bpm's drop with Nahuati Jaguar's take of 'Kaos' an atmospheric piece where percussively at times the odd drum & bass rolls are injected. However, once again it's not really grabbing me.

Numatica take on 'Submerge' is an interesting combination of classical stringed ska with slower passages of acoustic fused reggae. I found this quite an original sound and it was pleasing to the ear.

Meeting by Chance's re-mix of 'Kryptology' balances this traditional sounding melodica laden dub with a slow paced yet pounding beat that would have worked well on a Roman war galley.

'100 Ire' prepared by E.R.S. who wastes little time in releasing the groove overlaid with hypnotic keys and fx that balance nicely with the vocal reggae snippets. This is definitely the most upbeat track of the e.p. and works well enough for me.

Overall this isn't a bad e.p. but on the whole it doesn't offer too much that grabs me over the original. The biggest disappointment for me was the exclusion of 'Snake Oil' which was my favourite on the album.

Reviewed by Woodzee.

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