Thursday, 2 October 2014

Captain Planet 'Esperanto Slang' Review

Artist: Captain Planet

Title: Esperanto Slang

Label: Bastard Jazz Recordings

Released: 7th October 2014

Charlie B Wilder a.k.a. Captain Planet sounds like he's straight out of a Marvel comic. Starting out as a hip-hop d.j. he soon found a love of World Music. Having acquired Lincoln Centre Public Library's entire world music collection, it appears that his super power is his ability to dig out rare samples and twist them into fresh grooves.

Personally, I liked his debut album Cookin' Gumbo and hammered the opening track 'Rad Ad Afinitium'. So I was keen to get stuck in and hear what sounds the Captain had rummaged from across the diaspora and if this latest release had some super-tunes to offer.

The intro 'Enter The Esperanto' is a lovely slice of funky beats, latin percussion, marimbas and funky horns that would slide easily into a rare-groove b-boy set. This is followed by 'Tugo de Bom' the first of two tracks featuring the vocals of Samira Winter and also includes Brazilian rockers Nevilton. It's a piece of Latin that has no major impact but a light hearted summery tune that's easy on the ear.

The next track featuring the vocals of Chico Mann enters the realms of deep house and it's a gem. Nothing particularly new in style but it's well constructed and bounces along with some wonderfully distorted key breaks, while Chico's Latin vocals nestle in nicely. This is followed by the reggae-pop of 'In The Gray' featuring some quite frankly superb vocals from Brit Lauren. Given the airplay I could see this being a hit.

The last two tracks are probably the ones that will appeal to the mainstream. However, if you're fans of Quantic, Nickodemus or Thievery Corporation I'd suggest digging deeper it's a great selection with some unexpected combinations like the sounds from the Arabian deserts seamlessly drifting into the brass horns of a Spaghetti western and the closing track 'Fall All The Way' has a soft alluring voice sat over keys and acoustics which is twisted into a light hearted yet infectious groove.

Reviewed by Woodzee

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Leopoldo Bello said...

This man is awesome. Totally agree with your review! Cheers.