Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Desert Dwellers 'The Gathering Remixes' Review

Artist: Desert Dwellers

Title: The Gathering Remixes

Label: Desert Trax

Released: 14th July 2014

Once again the Desert Dwellers have selected some smoking hot producers to do their magic on some classic DD tracks, the original tracks were compositions co-produced with Shamen's Dream as part of a series of yoga DVD's. Now although, this e.p. has fewer tracks than some of the releases earlier in the year, quality rather than quantity is probably what your after anyway.

Up first is Living Light weaving her magic on 'Kumbh Mela'. Now, I've been listening to L.L. a fair bit recently and I'm definitely partial to her distinctive sound of reggae keys, bamboo flutes and summery uplifting chill with a dubby psychedelic underbelly. This re-mix is no exception to the rule and what a way to start the e.p.

Next up is Quade's re-mix of 'Ras Mandala', now I only remember Quade for the excellent low bass frequency re-mix of 'Tala Odyssey' which I personally hammered alongside Drumspyder's more tribal edged re-work. Maybe it's a grower but this didn't grab me instantly. It's a slow plodding number which blends eastern horns, darbukas and vocals with the industry standard wub, wub, computer game like sequences and sweeping synths that seem to build to no drop.

Finishing off the e.p. is Soulacybin with an alternative take of 'Kumbh Mela'. Now although the original is easily recognisable he's really gone to town on the fx producing a psy-dub version with more loops than a cotton mill. I'd hazard a guess that they are probably more prominent with headphones for a full panning experience.

Review by Woodzee

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