Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kaya Project 'Firedance E.P.' Review

Artist: Kaya Project

Title: Firedance E.P.

Label: Interchill

Release Date: 27th of May

Taken from Kaya Projects latest album of the same name 'Firedance' is actually one of the more up-tempo tracks. However, I'm more than happy to feature it on here as it's a track with tribal chants that is full of eastern promise and the re-mixers take the track into different directions.

Strangely enough the e.p. doesn't begin with the title track but a re-mix of 'One Hundred Lights' by Grouch. The track begins with sparse deep twitchy bass notes alongside the vocal and slowly becomes more dominant flickering between Sitar chords and reggae all in all it's a quality re-mix.

Now we reach a re-mix of the title track from Chaos By Design, who to be honest I've not come across before. There's nothing to worry about though as he/she/they take the track into a combination of ambience and utilise the percussion with bass music creating a unique feel of Jungle with the brakes on.

Next it's Kaminanda's take on the title track (this guy seems to be churning out the re-mixes of late) once again there's a combination of ambience and percussion but there's a little more space between than Chaos By Design's chock full of little loops and fx perfectly balanced through out the track. It's a wonderful piece which only re-affirms this is a solid release.

Last but not least is Seb's own re-mix of 'Through The Flames' under his psy-breakz Digitalis moniker. This track is perfect for getting the rump shaking and enticing people on to the dance floor with it's glitchy bass line that's seems to gel perfectly with the sounds of the original track.

Review by Woodzee


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