Sunday, 13 April 2014

Liquid Stranger 'Renegade Crusade E.P.' Review

Artist: Liquid Stranger

Release: Renegade Crusade E.P.

Label: Interchill Records

Released: 15th April on Beatport and itunes

On the back of Martin Staff's (a.k.a. Liquid Stranger's) recent infusion mix which proved to be a journey of perfection, touching on his work in a variety of genres from hip-hop to reggae, from dub to trap and even throwing in some pop re-works. Comes this new release from Interchill once again showing another string to his bow with the exploration of chilled electronica and low frequency bass.

This E.P. begins with 'Spawn' a pleasant instrumental trip-hop number which springs off some deep bass breakdowns. This is followed by 'The Gargon' which with it's similarity to 'Gorgon' made me think of Medusa. However, it appears it was perhaps more likely coined from an alien lobster from a 1950's sci-fi flick of the same title or from a planet featured in Star Wars. Either way this is the track they've propelled into cyberspace alongside a stunning video by Andy Thomas that's caught everyone's attention. The track itself unfolds slower than the opener but works in a similar vein contrasting some beautiful electronica against growling dark bass lines and slow thumping kicks.

Next up is an alternative version of the Strangers smash hit from his 'Arcane Terrian' album 'The Molecule Man' it's a stripped back and lighter edit in places, which drops the vocal and concentrates on dubbing the vocodered chorus. Then all of a sudden the E.P. takes a twist with 'Brace For Impact' and not in the manner I expected as soulful vocal from Canadian Saratonin is dripped over Honeycomb's beatbox. Last by no means least Martin's switches the mood back with sci-fi vocals from Razza and some down-right dreamy electronica and just about nails it as my favourite on a very fine release.

Review by Woodzee.

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Download the Gargon free from Liquid Stranger's Soundcloud page

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