Sunday, 5 January 2014

Akasha Experience - Lostwithiel E.P. Review

Artist: Akasha Experience 

Title: Lostwithiel E.P.

Label: Dubmission Records

Released: Out now on bandcamp ... 10th February the rest

Behind the musical mysteries of Akasha Experience are a dedicated duo of psychedelic adventurers, spreading their dub infused sonic spores across the aether.
Influenced by world, ambient and sounds in nature, their psychedelic stew has found favor around the globe, with releases on Audio Ashram, FreeSpirit and Dubmission Records, and tours across Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the US.
This E.P. is a precursor to a tour of Australia next month. Not to be confused with Akasha or the Akasha Project I've previously found their blend of psy-dub to be high quality, which the big guns aside stands out from many of the artists producing psy-dub in recent years.
The E.P. blends together bouncy and dubby basslines with plenty of dirty squelches, eastern strings and vocal samples. In fact the female vocal on the last track a re-mix of Quanta's "Quazilimbo" is very familiar but I can't place it at the moment. It's a wonderful sample regardless and suits this slow slice of low frequency bass and dubby sequences. 
It's hard to pick out a stand out track on the E.P. as there's no songs as such and they're all interesting in their own right. "Shanti Planti"for example is a bit more upbeat and the gyspy violin stabs give it a quirky feel alongside well chosen female Indian vocals and spoken word samples. While the dubby sequences are utilised at all the right moments and skillfully take you on little journeys. The title track although similar in many aspects begins more gently and has more of a desert vibe I guess all you can do is have a listen and judge for yourself. 
Review by Woodzee.

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