Sunday, 22 December 2013

Desert Dwellers - Dive Into Forever Review

Artist: Desert Dwellers

Title: Dive into Forever E.P.

Label: Self Release

Released: 23rd December 2013

This E.P. seems to reach into new territories where the vocals of Ixchel Prisma are really brought to the forefront. I wasn’t too sure about track one ‘Dive Into The Core’ despite the Eastern sounding name the vocal was more Celtic sounding to me, layered over a slowed down trance number which was reminiscent of Delerium.

The second track a re-work of ‘You Can See Forever’ (I often utilise the Deep Cave Mix in my sets) on the other hand is sheer brilliance. The approach is completely different the spacious ambient sounds are still there and my mind’s eye is back in the desert. The vocal is extended and really brought to the forefront of the track, while the bouncy bass-line gives the impression it’s constructed for the dance floor. That is until it drops off and an extended focus on synth delays and vocals is laid down like a magic carpet inviting you to soar into the sky as the bassline returns.

The E.P. closes with a bonus re-mix of Android Cartel’s ‘Wake Up Call’ who are an act I’m not familiar with but I have to say this is great. It sounds like they’ve dragged a soulful house number through the dub laboratory and haven’t spared the bass.

Review by Woodzee


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