Thursday, 1 August 2013

A trio of releases from Dubmission Records

September the 9th sees a trio of releases from Dubmission Records. I’ve been impressed with their output this year the quality of tunes is once again capturing the initial vibe which attracted me to their releases in the first place.

I’m going to start with the Deep Fried Dub E.P. “Re-Fries” a collection of five of their re-mixes, which features a couple of big names as well as some others I’m not familiar with. Banco De Gaia’s “Oreia” for example is a chuggy Arabic dub number while Pitch Black’s “Transmissions” leans more to a slow heavy bass reggae-dub vibe. Lotus “Everyday” begins in a melodic summery ambient dub vibe with a pleasant enough female vocal. The Red Eves “Arms Over Jordan” again hits the deep dubby bass notes but this time adds an roots reggae vocal I’m not sure where they’re from but I’m guessing they’re another New Zealand act. The final Track is a re-work of "Captive Bird" by Australia’s Mr Savona  featuring Prince Allah which follows suit with the last track in a bass heavy roots fashion.

Next up is International Observer with his latest release “More Tales of the Dungeon of Dub” just in case you’re not aware International Observer is the dub moniker of Tom Bailey (formerly of 80’s pop sensations the Thompson Twins). Once again he delivers a collection of dub reggae with plenty of deep bass, melodic strings, guitar and synth sirens. If anything this collection is more vocal than previous releases while maintaining his usual musical high standard. Of the three promos this one probably edges it for me.

Lastly is a re-release of the Etherealites “Early” initially released in the 90’s. It’s an instrumental dub-reggae album, very much in a similar vein to the International Observer release, which maintains the raw sound recording of that era. Although, it hasn’t grabbed me as much initially, perhaps a few more listens will sway my opinion?

Review by Woodzee

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