Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Audioglider - Summer Rainstorm e.p. Review

Artist: Audioglider

Title: Summer Rainstorm E.P.

Label: Section Records

Released: 13th May 2013

I don’t think they could have conjured up a more apt title for this e.p. (and I’m not referring to the rainy weather we’re experiencing in the UK recently) but the title track which conjures up the feeling of release from those summer storms after a few days of soaring temperatures. This is a magical soothing journey a perfect soundtrack for the summer months which I could easily see slotting into Ibiza chillout compilations.

This is followed by “Restoration” and Audioglider is on a roll here as this is another great summer track drifting between dubby bass lines and Mediterranean guitars which set me in mind of the CafĂ© Del Mar compilations.

The mood changes slightly with “Wrapped Up Tight” an electro’ish bass line is complemented with lush loops and warm synths and deep piano chords which gives a soulful, almost jazzy feel to the track in places.

The closing track “Crossing Boundaries” again is an apt description reflecting on the elements employed in this 80’s inspired e.p seamlessly weaving shoegaze, lounge, nu-disco and house which a pleasurable listen.

Personally, I think adding Audioglider to the artist rota of Section Records is a shrewd move by Nick Brennan he’s certainly dipping into all the sub-genres and I suspect given the airplay this could prove to be a summer smash, widening the appeal of the label to a wider fanbase.

Reviewed by Woodzee

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