Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Guest Mix DJ Maggie Live @ Lotus 2012

After years as a back room musical connoisseur known for recommending hand-selected tracks to her friends, Maggie finally decided to share her musical tastes with the Los Angeles underground at large in 2005.

Since then she’s played her unique mix of psychill, dubby grooves and downtempo at various venues across Southern California, from Moonshadows in Malibu to Zanzibar in Santa Monica to pristine desert and mountain locations, alternately inciting dancefloors to gentle rump-shaking as well as thoughtful swaying and cocktail sipping.

A master of sure and sassy tempos, Maggie prides herself on her meticulous track selection, and looks forward to each set she plays as an opportunity to connect and activate the listener through the universal language of music.

This set is a live recording from the Lotus Full Moon Campout 2012, hosted by Tropical and Terrakroma. Maggie played the only downtempo set of the entire party, midday in the middle of the party while a yoga class was conducted nearby. The yoga instructor, Sean Johnstone, and Maggie conferred on the energy and aesthetic of the playlist. Mellow beats and a hint of world groove.


1. Tom Middleton - Return to Atlantis  
2. Rocket Empire - Red Room (feat. Chuck Love)  
3. Spacer - Fizzy Flesh  
4. Audiokonstrukte - Fruitcrashes  
5. Bluetech - Prayers for Rain (in Dub)  
6. M-Seven - Lotus  
7. Kuba - It Could Be  
8. Random Rab - Vapour Trail  
9. Vatos Locos - Angeles Chillangos  
10. Xerxes - Pirayana  
11. Jon Hopkins - Sleepwalker  
12. Desert Dwellers - Om Namo Baghavade  
13. Shri - Meditation  
14. Zen Baboon - Keep Positive  
15. Banco de Gaia - Desert Wind (Satsuma Nightmare Mix)  
16. Chunk... - Reptile  
17. Shanti Roots & Scheibosan - Yoni  
18. Don Carlos - The Sun is Shining  
19. Rocket Empire - Feel Good Song  
20. Carlos Torres - Temple  
21. Thievery Corporation - Satyam Shivam Sundaram - (Govinda Remix)

On Saturday July the 21st, from midnight - 2am, You can catch maggie playing on KXLU 88.9FM Mystic Pete's program "In a Dream". This will also be streamed live on 

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