Saturday, 17 March 2012

Richard Norris Interview

Richard's illustrious career has brought to our ears a broad range of sounds from his co-production of the psychedelic acid album "Jack The Tab"  to old skool gems such as Intergalatica, Floatation, Face The Sun, Crystal Clear and the smash hit Swamp Thing as one half of the Grid. 

Add to this countless re-mixes and production inc Robbie Williams and Soft Cell. His more recent projects as one half of Beyond The Wizards Sleeve and his own Time & Space Machine fuse the past and the present with influences of psychedelic pop & rock and nu-balearica.

1)        Firstly thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule to complete this interview. Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you started your musical career?

i started by howling down a Woolworths mic at the age of 13 in a band called the Innocent Vicars. I went on to make records as the Grid, and currently, occasionally, as Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve, and mainly the Time and Space Machine. It took years.

2)       It’s been a while since you released Balearic classics and chart smashes as one half of the Grid. Who or what were your influences for the more psychedelic 60’s and prog rock feel of the Wizards Sleeve and the Time and Space Machine?

Mainly any record that feels like a sensation, be it ESG or Liquid Liquid or Can or Neu! or Lee Scratch Perry or King Sunny Ade... sensation, plus the undeniable feeling of a rump, wiggling.

3)       Aside from the Time and Space Machine’s debut album “Set Phazers To Stun” other releases such as the volume series are only released on vinyl. Will they eventually be released on cd or digital for fans like me who haven’t brought any vinyl since 1999?

Yes there was a limited release CD called 'The Time and Space Machine Turns You On', which was out about a year ago, and collected tracks from all the vinyl releases. I'm sure it's still about if you want it. The next album proper, 'Taste The Lazer'.is out in a few weeks. I hope you like it.

4)       We’ve had a sneaky taste of the second Time and Space Machine album with the release of “Pill Party in India” how do you feel the album has progressed from “Set Phazers To Stun”?

About half way through the album I was persuaded by T+SM's beathead drummer Wildcat Will that we should turn the project into a live band. This really informed the album, and 8 minute wig outs like tracks such as 'Black Rainbow' are the result. It's moving towards the  psych-motorik-balearic band I have recurring dreams about. We have lift off!

5)       You’re taking your Time and Space Machine project on the road as a five man band. Where can people catch the show and are you willing to divulge the identity of the band members?

We are playing a few festivals, such as Standon Calling. Golden Down, Green Man, and the Strummerville festival Strummer Of Love. Mainly small festivals. We'll be bringing myself, Wildcat Will and a revolving bunch of pranksters, between five and nine, on to the stage. 

6)       As an established producer, musician, re-mixer and music journalist do you have any advice for young people entering the music industry?

I'd tell em the same thing that i am still constantly learning... do it yourself. There isn't any other way. I don't mean hand press your records and set up a vinyl stall, although that might also be fun. More like, do it for and by yourself, whichever way you do it. It's harder (and easier) than you think. 

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