Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Subheim - No Land Called Home Review

Artist:  Subheim

Album: No Land Called Home

Label: Ad Noiseam

Release Date: 2010

Having come across the opening track “Dusk” I was immediately impressed with the cinematic feel and beautifully melancholic strings of this organic & electronic fusion. I had hoped that the album would continue in the same vein however, it drifts away from the electronica for a while and leans more towards dark orchestral music that I would associate with the more down-tempo pieces of black metal bands.

It may then puzzle some of you why I have featured the album on here. Well, as much as I enjoy feel good summer records I also feel there should be a balance and this album offers exactly that. Katja’s vocals at times seem to lean towards the ethereal and at others when fused with ethnic percussion (utilised in the album but most prominent in the track Dune) remind me of Vas.

To summarise this is a very well produced album that I had to listen to more than once and at times allow myself to go with the flow to really appreciate. This could appeal to fans of Jon Hopkins, Brian Eno or Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm and also those who like the ethereal vocals associated with bands such as the Cocteau Twins.  hi

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