Tuesday 13 October 2020

Sequentia Legenda 'Beyond the Stars' Review



Sequentia Legenda


Beyond the Stars


Self Release


20th September

Laurent Schieber continues to create his productions in the style of his musical heroes of the Berlin school of electronic music, utilising the classic synthesizers sounds of the Moog, Jupiter 8 and Arp Odyssey to name a few. He also emulates the likes of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream in the length of pieces with these three tracks covering over an hour of recording time.

The first piece ‘Experimental’ features sequenced loops very much in the fashion of Tangerine Dream and you’re in for the long haul before those angelic voices make an appearance. There's an equal balance of sequenced loops over lush synth waves the on the second track ‘Float Among the Stars’ which is the shortest of the three at just under 15 minutes. Whilst the brakes are applied to the finale ‘Beyond from the Beyond’  which unfurls little sequences across a lush ambient undercurrent that rises and falls slowly as the piece progresses. This is a journey into space that’s in no hurry so sit back and enjoy the sound that Laurent bathes you in. 

You could argue there’s nothing new about this release. However, it’s not meant to be. It’s simply Laurent’s passion to emulate his heroes that shines through in his productions. To be honest it’s not far removed from the current Space Ambient scene, except for the lack of the four by four basslines often employed.

Reviewed by Woodzee


Available in CD and digital formats



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Nice review! I'm intrigued and heading in to listen now. Thanks!