Thursday, 3 December 2015

Perpetual Loop 'Nocturnal Symbiosis' Review


Perpetual Loop


Nocturnal Symbiosis


Digital Duvet/Uxmal


30th November

Nocturnal Symbiosis the 5th and latest studio release from Manchester based Charles Massey A.K.A. Perpetual Loop opens with 'Momentum', a track which contains a hefty proportion of piano and guitar that you'd also find on the more chilled side of Digtal Duvets releases, those tracks that conjure up a summery trance feel. However, here the vital difference is there's more of a spring in it's step.

The next few tracks take you on a journey reminiscent of late 90's trance with deep bass notes, harmonious piano, strings and flutes set against distorted gating and lush breakdowns. At this point I have to admit that although I don't really listen to much of that music these days, I'm totally enjoying this.

The rest of the album continues very much in the same vein, some might say it's dated, others retro. Whatever way you look at it there's obviously passion behind the music here and it's all good clean summery trance. What's more it's free of cheesy pop vocals and sends my mind down memory lane to labels like Platipus Records and I ask myself is there anything wrong in that?

Reviewed by Woodzee


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