Sunday, 2 October 2011

Guide to Germany

Germany is a nation I feel has been unfairly stereotyped for heavy metal and pounding industrial techno.

Kraftwerk the first entirely synthetic band emerged from the Krautrock scene which saw a resurgence a few years back. Tangerine Dream (another big act to emerge out of that scene) combined synths with prog rock, ambient and celtic sounds.

Acts like Jazzanova and Mo’Horizons were influential in nu-jazz while Schiller teamed up with prominent artists like Moya Brennan, Sarah Brightman and Tarja Turunen. Which took his blend of chilled electronica on to the big stage.

So without even touching on synth-pop, techno, ebm or electro-clash. I’ve picked out some choice artists not included above.


Ulrich Schnauss

Originally from Kiel. Ulrich moved to Berlin and in the late 90’s under the pseudonyms “View To The Future” and “Ethereal 77” started to release ambient material.

2001 saw his debut album “Far Away Trains Passing By” which had an instant impact that started to gain Ulrich some well deserved attention.

The next album “A Strangely Isolated Place” weaved layered synths soundscapes with shoegaze influences establishing Ulrich’s sound and often cited as a classic release in the ambient electronica genre.

Bazoo Bajou

Hailing from Nuernburg Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider first released their blend of electronica and dub with their 2001 release “Satta”. Which featured the dubby trip-hop classic “Under My Sensi”.

Their next album “Dust My Broom” combined dubby down-tempo vibes with a touch of c&w.

I must confess I’ve heard little of their 2009 release “Grains” and none of 2010’s “Coming Home” but going by their first two releases I really should investigate.


Born in Cologne Bruno Reuter travelled to India after a motorcycle accident in 1979 where he joined Indian Guru Osho’s (founder of the Rajneesh movement) Ashram and on his initiation was renamed Karunesh.

On his return to Germany he spent five years in a Rajneesh commune in Hamburg where he met many musicians from all over the world and began to combine elements of their music with an aim to break barriers and let the music of different cultures flow as one.

Now residing in Hawaii Karunesh has released numerous albums of global fusion, new age and tracks designed for meditation.

Pete Namlook

Born in Frankfurt Peter Kuhlmann has released a vast catalogue of ambient and electronic music. I first came across this artist on Dark Side Of The Moog (a collaboration with Klaus Schulze). Where I stupidly expected a Pink Floyd cover and dismissed it without a full listen.

He really came to my attention with Re:Sonate his excellent collaboration with Gaudi. Further exploration revealed some more fascinating pieces as well as collaborations with the likes of Mixmaster Morris & The Higher Intelligence Agency.

Akasha Project

As high lighted by DJ Fada in her interview Barmin Schulze formed the Akasha Project in 1989 and progressed ambient electronica with a unique scientific approach.

Using a calculation of Swiss mathematican Hans Cousto to create the cosmic octave and recreate vibrations synthetically, enabling the listener to hear beyond the normally perceived octave range. Effectively tuning our bodies into nature.

Barmin has delivered lectures and live shows sometimes alongside Cousto and as part of B.E.L. (Brain Entertainment Laboratory) as well as minimal techno sets as Mel Trom.


Seamoon is Simon Neumann a German artist who came to my attention with his free e.p. “A Twisted Downbeat Adventure” on

Specialising in exotic psychedelic downtempo beats he identifies his connection to Zen through his music. His debut album “Expression Of The Moment” is due to be released on Awakening records in the near future.

Simon is also involved in another project as one half of Dark Progressive Psy duo "Sonic Tickle".

Choice Label


A long standing label who released the infamous "DJ-Kicks" mix compilations. Whose impressive back catalogue includes prominent artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Bazoo Bajou, Four Tet, Smith & Mighty, DJ Cam, Erlend Øye ... this list of quality ear candy goes on and on. So if your unaware of this label it's high time you checked out their web-site.

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