Sunday, 2 October 2011

Guide to Norway

Although the original Balearic grooves were sourced from a range of European countries like Italy, Belgium and the UK with Nu-Balerica your more likely to find it was created in Norway.

I'm 50/50 with some of the releases in this genre but they're definately worth some investigation.



Mungolian Jetset

Oslo’s Nu-Balearic re-mixers extraordinaire progressed to releasing their own brand of dubby psychedelic jazz fused with cosmic disco. They also have two album releases under their belt "Beauty Came To Us In Stone" and "We Gave It All Away ... Now We're Taking It Back".


A big shot to emerge out of Oslo’s Nu-Balearica scene. His spacey sonic journey’s into disco fused electronica such as “I Feel Space” have progressed to an almost Michael Jackson feel with Christabelle on his latest album release.


Klaus Lunde produces quality ambient electronica with the option of purchasing at a very reasonable price or even downloading for free. Don’t let that put you off I certainly recommend a visit to his site or listen to his track on Chillbase’s free compilation “Chillbasics Vol 1” compiled by Ambientium.



Hailing from Tromsø Geir Jensson (formerly of Bel Canto) is a veteran in ambient electronica with a style often referred to as “arctic ambient”. He has collaborated with Pete Namlook, Higher Intelligence Agency and Jah Wobble. Live laptop sets usually comprise video backdrops to his cold atmospheric electronica.

photo by Trine Falch
Bjørn Torske

Is yet another artist from Tromsø who’s been around for some time. He actually is closely linked to Geir obtaining his first releases through him and for a time playing synth with Biosphere. His own material contains elements of the cold electronica sound often warmed with Balearic, dub and ambient jazz not too unlike his other friends Röyksopp.


Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland are without a doubt the most commercially known outfit to emerge from Tromsø. Their debut album “Melody A.M. caused quite a stir back in 2002 and who can forget the classic track featuring Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife) “What Else Is There?”.

Choice Label

Smalltown Supersound

An independent label based in Oslo which releases electronica and Nu-Balearica with prominent artists in this field who often touch on post-rock, indie, disco, jazz and pop within their sound.

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